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Sunday, January 17, 2010

high kick girl movie trailer

High Kick Girl (2009)

Hai kikku gâru! (2009)

High Kick Girl Movie

high kick girl movie synopsis/sinopsis

More than just a cute high school girl. She is a master of Karate! The story follows Kei (Takeda) who joins a martial arts school but quickly proves she’s the toughest fighter in the dojo. However, when her sensei refuses to give her a black belt until she masters all the forms, she joins a fighting group instead, where she gets all the fighting she can handle. But when she discovers that the group’s plans involve destroying her sensei, she quickly shifts gears to stop them.

high kick girl movie asia actress/actor
  • Rina Takeda......Kei Tsuchiya
    Tatsuya Naka........Yoshiaki Matsumura
    Sayaka Akimoto
    Kyôji Amano
    Mayu Gamou........Mayu Gamô
high kick girl movie
  • directed by

    Fuyuhiko Nishi

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