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Sunday, August 29, 2010

city under siege movie trailer


Chun Sing Gai Bei (2010)

City Under Siege Movie

City Under Siege Movie synopsis/sinopsis

Set in the year 2015, four circus performers come across barrels of bio-hazardous gases, left by the Japanese during WWII, and accidentally inhales the fumes. They then start to experience mutations and gain superhuman powers. The group are then led on a crime spree by their circus master Chang Tai Chu.

Meanwhile, local TV news reporter Angel (Qi Shu), on the verge of losing her job, chases after their story to revive her struggling career.

City Under Siege Movie Hollywood Actress/Actor
  • Aaron Kwok.....Sunny
    Jacky Wu.....Sun Hao
    Qi Shu.....Angel
    Jingchu Zhang....Hua
    Colin Chou - Chang Tai Chu
City Under Siege Movie
  • Director

    Benny Chan

  • Production / Studio

    * Enlight Pictures
    * Shanxi Film Studio
    * Sirius Pictures International
    * Universe Entertainment

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