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Thursday, July 15, 2010

black ransom movie trailer

Black Ransom (2010)

See piu fung wan

Black ransom movie
black ransom movie synopsis/sinopsis

After his wife was murdered by a triad hit man, Mann (Simon Yam), a once model detective became dispirited. At this point, Mann was appointed by Madam Koo (Fala Chen) to the kidnap case of the triad society bosses who were brutally murdered.

Mann, with his inductive power, recognized the kidnapper as Sam (Michael Miu) was an ex-police officer. When Mann decided to take down Sam himself, a duel between good and evil commences.

black ransom movie asia actress/actor
  • Simon Yam .......Brother Mann
    Kiu Wai Miu.......Sam Ho
    Fala Chen........Superintendent Koo
    Bo-yuan Chan.......Tiger
    Liu Yang....Eva
    Qu Ying

black ransom movie
  • director

    Jing Wong, Venus Keung

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